Giving Away Food

So today was my day in the food pantry at church.  We did really well handing out a good bit for the holidays.  We had big packs of candy-skittles and starbursts–that we gave out to everybody for Christmas.  We just finished a holiday food drive so had a lot to give out. And some big families needing assistance as well–one adult with four children,  a couple of families with two adults and three children, and another family that’s parents with a sick daughter and her three children.  So that part of it is sad learning all the sad stories we deal with.

I posted a scathing response to this week’s reading for my class, and no one has been really sure how to take it 🙂 .  I got so far a couple of “Yes, you’re right,  but” answers and one with a response that ended with “You’re right.”. So that has  been interesting to see. I hate seeing things badly done that see publication.  It makes me angry.

I am fighting the urge to sleep for a bit.  I’ve been so busy the past few days that I haven’t had time to sleep.  I’m trying to find loose ends that need tying.  I need to send a few last Christmas cards, I need to do some last minute food shopping, and I need to work on the last of the house cleaning.  I’m going to save wrapping any more until tomorrow, I think. We need to figure out what is from us for the girls and what will go in their stockings.  So that is going to be a chore for us this coming week.

My mood has been really good.  I hope it continues through the holidays that way.  I want to enjoy Christmas this year.  So many years I haven’t.


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