So we had our Christmas party yesterday with our Sunday School class. Eight couples in all with six kids.  Amber and Rachel kept the kids busy while we ate and talked and had fun.  They stayed about two-and-a-half hours and helped clean up before the let so they were good guests.  We played Christmas Pictionary and then had an ornament swap where we did a unwrap-or-steal game.   Some places they call it “Dirty Santa”.

We went around the room and did a talk about what God had done in our lives this year. I talked about how good I have felt this holiday season and how it feels like remission all over again. SO I gave God praise or that.  Others talked about the same sorts of things, so that was all good to hear as well.

I just turned in my final project for Forms in Nonfiction.  Hopefully it will go over well and we will see how that goes.  I sent it in early so she wouldn’t be burdened by mine coming in at the last minute as long as it is.  So I was trying to give her a break.

SO I am all through with school until next year.  I hope we can have another good class next year  the last year with some of my original classmates.  They will be graduating and I will be plodding along   But that’s okay. Gives me more time to improve and polish my thesis.




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