Today feels like the most relaxing day of my life.  I’ve not just sat around–I helped Candy and Christy clean and did two loads of laundry, Bob’s and the bedsheets and have kept up with Facebook, but it’s been so calm and unhurried.  The house is still so neat and uncluttered after the party.  I went around and lit all the candles in the house.  I’ve never done that this time of year in this house.

It’s a rainy day out but I’ve just been listening to Chirstmas carols and having the best time fiddling around.  I had a cup of hot cocoa and have just felt so good knowing that I can spend the day how I want.

I am so glad for this remission in my symptoms.  I am praying every day for it to continue and that I can learn to function like a normal human being again.  I’m looking forward to starting my new class next semester and doing more nonfiction and seeing if I can give form to my nonfiction thesis.  I would be so blessed if how to end it came to me in this remission time. I just don’t know how to close it yet.

My oldest comes home in about an hour or so and we will see if I can keep the hurricane confined to her room 🙂  I like having the house so neat.  Hopefully everyone else feels the same way.  I’m looking forward to my middle daughter’s party with her friends Friday night and plan to help her get ready for it while Bob takes the oldest to get her wisdom teeth out.  WE will see how it all goes.




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