Wild Day

Well, my oldest had her dental surgery and is managing well right now, but it’s been an exciting few hours.  As soon as she got home, the middle one announced she was  burning up hot and was so hot she wanted to throw up.  So she sat outside barefoot in the fifty degrees after stripping to shorts and a tank top swearing she was hot.  So now she’s sleeping off a dose of Zofran and the oldest is fighting sleep watching a movie after taking Percocet.   So Bob’s been running around doing errands and I’ve been managing the kids.  SO far it has been a good combination.

Now we’re all at home watching the movie.  Hopefully no more dramatics. We’ve got a week before Christmas to get it all back to normal.  That should be fine.

Got in my Elf gifts to everybody yesterday.  That was thrilling.  They’ve figured out its clothes and the middle one announces she’s not wearing matching outfits with the rest of us for Christmas. I told her it was not matching outfits for Christmas.  So that settled her down.  So they ware all wondering.  I love it !



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