The Fun Continues

Now our garage door is refusing to operate this morning .  So we’re lifting and closing it with our bare hands,  I would just leave it up but it’s too chilly for that.  We had a tiny tiny snow flurry  this morning when I went out to put something in the mail box. But it’s warming up and should get pretty hot actually at Christmas. So we will see how it goes.

Went and got my hair cut and colored.  SO that was nice.  I told her how well things were going and how I felt like I was in remission again. So she was glad for me.

I’ve decided I’m going to spend the rest of the holidays to catching up on my reading.  I have one book I’ve been trying to finish for months and three others I have bought but haven’t read. So I’m going to try to spend my free time investing in my mind like I used to and see if that helps my operating any. We will see.

I’m trying to research remission and find out how to maintain it.  I’m mostly finding statistics on how hard it is to do so.  So I hope to write a post in January about it.

GOing ot be a slow rest of the day, I think. I plan to stay awake, read, and finish laundry.  Hopefully the repair guy will be here soon.



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