Sausage Balls

I’m trying to decide if I want to cook these this morning or tomorrow for Christmas breakfast.  It’s a tradition  and the kids reminded me the last time I went to the grocery store.   I started it early in our marriage and the kids always remember.  I also make apple cobbler, but will wait on that until Christmas morning.

TOday is going to be a lazy day otherwise. My girls are shopping for their grandmother for Christmas with their grandfather and Bob is going to get a tooth filled so I will have the house to myself. for a while again.  Don’t know what I’m going to do except for maybe some more laundry.

I’ts nice to feel good and be able to get stuff done, but getting it all done quickly leaves me with time on my hands.  I should be writing something else instead of just the blog, but I can’t come up with anything right now.  I’m going to do another bit for the mental health blog I write for, but that’s not due until late January.

So I hope everybody can push through the last few days of holiday and enjoy themselves at Christmas.  Merry merry!



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