Holiday Baking

SO today we made sausage balls finally and are ready for Christmas morning. I’ll make  a cobbler Christmas Eve for CHirstmas morning breakfast as well. We’ve made chocolate chip cookies two ways, snickerdoodles, and pecan turtles.  Busy busy.

My girls go up to see the cousins tonight and to spend the night with my mom .  Then Bob and I will go up tomorrow and spend Christmas Eve with my family and we will have a good time, I think.  All signs are looking positive this year

I wish I oculd come up with something to write about   I feel like I’m wasting time.

My mood has stayed good so far and I think that is great!  I;ve stayed out of the bed once I get up so that has been nice as well. I haven’t been  obsessing about anything and that is a nice feeling as well. But I’m not hyperactive either.  SO that makes me feel good as well.

So I’ll most post again until after Christmas so I hope everyone has a merry holiday.  May all  your dreams come true!





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