We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Started out with my folks on Christmas Eve day and my daddy was in a good mood so that made everyone happy.  The girls got lots of fun stuff–I think my youngest one’s favorite was a calligraphy set. Hope she is disciplined enough to learn it. Then Christmas morning with all of us at home.   My “elf” gift went over well–everyone liked their Charlie Brown/Mississippi State T-shirts. I only wrapped one gift wrong and It wasn’t too bad a mistake–I gave what I had intended for BOb (all 79 Star Trek original episodes) to my middle one.  She liked it better than Bob seemed to would have.  The girls liked all their presents and I liked all of mine.

Then we went to church and had a wonderful service. I’m really glad we did not give in to the temptation to not go. And we got out early so didn’t delay dinner with Bob’s parents.  The kids got really special gifts from their grandparents–nativity scenes that were made in Bethlehem.  My oldest started crying when she opened hers.   So that was neat.

I’m going to have fun shopping–I got bookstore gift cards instead of the books I had requested.  So it will be fun to find them.  But we will see how that goes.  Today instead of shopping we are having friends over to watch the Mississippi State bowl game.   So the house is all nice and clean 🙂  I have so enjoyed the holidays so far.  Hopefuly I will stay on an even keel and continue to do so.



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