So we had company yesterday–Brian and Mary and their kids watching the bowl game for Mississippi State. We had a good time yelling at the TV over some of the boneheaded stuff that want on.  It was a typical State game except that we actually won by blocking a field goal in the very last few seconds to win by a point. ‘

Then we went to Hallmark Cards for our end of the year ornament spree.  I’m going to find somewhere to keep them inside so we will not lose them like we lost last year’s.  We will see how it all turns out.  Today we went to Wal mart for the girls to spend their money from Christmas and my youngest one to exchange a movie we already had for a new one.  So that was productive.

I slept in today but have stayed up pretty well so far.  I still feel good so that is nice–no Christmas tiredness or let down.  I can’t wait to shop with my gift cards at the bookstore so am excited about that. We’re going this weekend.

After the first of the year I plan to start sending off some more short stories.  I haven’t written anything new but will keep sending out what I have.  I will do a piece for Defying Shadows on how I feel I’m in remission and will see how that turns out.

All in all it’s been s very successful Christmas on all levels.  the girls loved their presents and that always makes us happy.


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