Post Christmas II

We cleaned up the wreckage from the gifts before our company came, and now we’re having to clean up the wreckage from de-decorating the trees.  I want to stay on top of the house stuff better than usual because it was so nice having the house clean for so long. But we have to find a new storage box for one of our trees–its original box decided to split on the sides when we tried putting it back in

WE go meet my mother-in-law for lunch today–she asked us yesterday and I was hoping we could be done cleaning up but I doubt it. But we will go anyway. She’s always fun to be around.

I figured out what I’m going to buy with my Barnes and Noble cards–I’m going to get Carrie Fisher’s memoirs.  She was bipolar like me and I’m interested to see how she put her story together.  I’ll get one of the books of the list I gave people, the Neil Gaiman one.  But I’ll put the bulk of it to Fisher’s  books so I can use them to inform my own thesis.

I’m so glad to be doing so well but I can’t shake the feeling of the other shoe getting ready to drop. I’m not manic–I’m in a really great place right now but I’m a little paranoid that I’ll wake up one morning depressed again.  I pray every day that I won’t.


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