Wild Day

Well, my oldest had her dental surgery and is managing well right now, but it’s been an exciting few hours.  As soon as she got home, the middle one announced she was  burning up hot and was so hot she wanted to throw up.  So she sat outside barefoot in the fifty degrees after stripping to shorts and a tank top swearing she was hot.  So now she’s sleeping off a dose of Zofran and the oldest is fighting sleep watching a movie after taking Percocet.   So Bob’s been running around doing errands and I’ve been managing the kids.  SO far it has been a good combination.

Now we’re all at home watching the movie.  Hopefully no more dramatics. We’ve got a week before Christmas to get it all back to normal.  That should be fine.

Got in my Elf gifts to everybody yesterday.  That was thrilling.  They’ve figured out its clothes and the middle one announces she’s not wearing matching outfits with the rest of us for Christmas. I told her it was not matching outfits for Christmas.  So that settled her down.  So they ware all wondering.  I love it !



Looking Forward

I know I want to look forward in this post, but I’m not sure what exactly I am looking forward to 🙂 .  I look forward to an incredible holiday season because it’s the first one I can remember in a long time that I have joyfully anticipated.  We have great presents picked out for every9one and I can’t wait to see their reactions when they open them.  We look forward to seeing everyone and having a great Christmas together in all of our families.

I have been given a brilliant idea for the next stage of my writing by my nonfiction teacher, who wants me to concentrate on the nine months between Hurricane  Katrina hitting us  and my little trip to Louisiana. It will be difficult because I was spiraling and completely un-medicated and    I just don’t remember that much about it now.  But I will look into what I do have written down and jog my memory about it.

I hope to keep this remission up and running by doing healthier things for myself and maybe relearning how to live a normal life..But to stay healthy at the same time by not taking on too much at one time.  We will see how it goes.

Only ten more days until Christmas, seventeen untiI New Year’s, and  fifteen days after that to a new semester.   I’m looking forward to all of it!



I’m finished with this semester–I got a 40 out of 40 for my nonfiction project and now just have to wait until nonfiction workshop starts again. My professor was so complimentary of my piece–it finally told the whole story about what went down in Louisiana when I ran off that time early in my disease process.  SO I feel good about that.

Just waiting on a few last minute gifts to come in and we will have Christmas all prepared. I feel the urge to do some baking and will see what come of that.  I don’t need the  calories is the only thing holding me back.

I go see Mary Jane for lunch today then the church counselor again.  I have another  counseling appointment to Monday with Tillie and will see what we come up with there.  I think going more often has helped in my remission.   I don’t know if I can afford to keep this pace up if she goes up in price next year. I may go to every few months and see what happens.  I used to say that I would quit if she went too high. I don’t know if that would be wise however.



Today feels like the most relaxing day of my life.  I’ve not just sat around–I helped Candy and Christy clean and did two loads of laundry, Bob’s and the bedsheets and have kept up with Facebook, but it’s been so calm and unhurried.  The house is still so neat and uncluttered after the party.  I went around and lit all the candles in the house.  I’ve never done that this time of year in this house.

It’s a rainy day out but I’ve just been listening to Chirstmas carols and having the best time fiddling around.  I had a cup of hot cocoa and have just felt so good knowing that I can spend the day how I want.

I am so glad for this remission in my symptoms.  I am praying every day for it to continue and that I can learn to function like a normal human being again.  I’m looking forward to starting my new class next semester and doing more nonfiction and seeing if I can give form to my nonfiction thesis.  I would be so blessed if how to end it came to me in this remission time. I just don’t know how to close it yet.

My oldest comes home in about an hour or so and we will see if I can keep the hurricane confined to her room 🙂  I like having the house so neat.  Hopefully everyone else feels the same way.  I’m looking forward to my middle daughter’s party with her friends Friday night and plan to help her get ready for it while Bob takes the oldest to get her wisdom teeth out.  WE will see how it all goes.





So we had our Christmas party yesterday with our Sunday School class. Eight couples in all with six kids.  Amber and Rachel kept the kids busy while we ate and talked and had fun.  They stayed about two-and-a-half hours and helped clean up before the let so they were good guests.  We played Christmas Pictionary and then had an ornament swap where we did a unwrap-or-steal game.   Some places they call it “Dirty Santa”.

We went around the room and did a talk about what God had done in our lives this year. I talked about how good I have felt this holiday season and how it feels like remission all over again. SO I gave God praise or that.  Others talked about the same sorts of things, so that was all good to hear as well.

I just turned in my final project for Forms in Nonfiction.  Hopefully it will go over well and we will see how that goes.  I sent it in early so she wouldn’t be burdened by mine coming in at the last minute as long as it is.  So I was trying to give her a break.

SO I am all through with school until next year.  I hope we can have another good class next year  the last year with some of my original classmates.  They will be graduating and I will be plodding along   But that’s okay. Gives me more time to improve and polish my thesis.




So I put my house through a deep clean this morning with the ladies that help me clean. We cleaned out from under chairs and all that sort of thing. Did a little extra decorating.  Candy is always full of ideas so we had fun finishing that out.  Hopefully we can keep it looking neat by eating out until the party 🙂

I feel pretty good this morning.  I’m keeping the streak going!  So that is nice.  Hopefully I won’t crash after the party.  I so hope I can stay happy through the holidays.  That would be so nice to be able to enjoy everything again.

I’m almost through with a lot of things.  I’m almost through with Christmas cards.  I’m almost through with wrapping.  I’m just going to take it easy and get it all done.  At some point we’ll have my mother-in-law’s birthday and will need to take time out for that.  We will see what happens.


Giving Away Food

So today was my day in the food pantry at church.  We did really well handing out a good bit for the holidays.  We had big packs of candy-skittles and starbursts–that we gave out to everybody for Christmas.  We just finished a holiday food drive so had a lot to give out. And some big families needing assistance as well–one adult with four children,  a couple of families with two adults and three children, and another family that’s parents with a sick daughter and her three children.  So that part of it is sad learning all the sad stories we deal with.

I posted a scathing response to this week’s reading for my class, and no one has been really sure how to take it 🙂 .  I got so far a couple of “Yes, you’re right,  but” answers and one with a response that ended with “You’re right.”. So that has  been interesting to see. I hate seeing things badly done that see publication.  It makes me angry.

I am fighting the urge to sleep for a bit.  I’ve been so busy the past few days that I haven’t had time to sleep.  I’m trying to find loose ends that need tying.  I need to send a few last Christmas cards, I need to do some last minute food shopping, and I need to work on the last of the house cleaning.  I’m going to save wrapping any more until tomorrow, I think. We need to figure out what is from us for the girls and what will go in their stockings.  So that is going to be a chore for us this coming week.

My mood has been really good.  I hope it continues through the holidays that way.  I want to enjoy Christmas this year.  So many years I haven’t.


Shop ’til You Drop

Today was shopping day.  We finished almost everything and except for having to double back on our steps once or twice, we did really well on time.   Everyone in our family should be well taken care of this Christmas.  At least we are hoping so.

WE also had a good time together.  I was awake and happy and he was cheerful as well.   There have been times when it was just one great big slog through the mall.  But we agreed on what we were buying and what needed purchasing and everything else.  So that made us happy and good to go. Tomorrow I will catch up with schoolwork and laundry.

WE go to church tonight and should enjoy that.  We’ll take angel tree contributions then and get that taken care of.  I hope those gifts are received well and everything works.

I’ve gotten a lot of rejections lately but not more than I can handle it seems.  We will see how things go next year.



Scholarship Opp

Found out that Mississippi State University is sending a group to Brandon High School to interview my middle one and others for the BIG scholarship–one that pays for everything.  So that was exciting news yesterday.   I just pray she gets it and will go there and be happy with her choice.

I finally got into wrapping presents yesterday.  I got all of them done except for a very few.  I sorted out what was going to be Santa gifts and etc.  We will be shopping tomorrow for more  trying to get everyone taken care of.  But Bob has some more days in this schedule open so we can go again if we don’t finish.

I’m so glad to have had good days lately.  It feels so good to feel NORMAL.  I need to get refills today of my meds so that feeling will continue.  It’s just been lovely to be productive and even keel and seeing everything so much more clearly.



So today I was sleepy..  No big deal.  I’m awake now.  I’m going to see if I can finish the Christmas cards and then go to the grocery store.  It’s raining more and  more finally so maybe everything will be nice and wet for a while.  Of course, that is December in Mississippi.

We got a lot accomplished his weekend.  We bought for our Angel tree kids and organized all of it into the packaging.  WE shopped for family at CHimneyville Market; we still have a long way to go to be finished but that is what Wednesday will be for.  I just hope it isn’t raining as hard then.  It’s supposed to be nice and cold, though.  Like the twenties. Brrr.

I found out   I was selected again to go to the AWP Journals contest.  I sent in the piece about my daddy that I wrote for nonfiction workshop earlier this year.  Hopefully I will do better than last year and get published.  WE will see.