Nonfiction Workshop

Today I hate nonfiction workshop.  Because it means everything I read written by students is true.  I suppose someone could make something up, but why?  Why when we are bound by something that goes beyond and is more than confidence?  I thought I had stories to tell. This is all too shocking for me–I don’t know how to respond.  But I have to, with 500 words of commentary.   Why, oh why am I subjecting myself to this kind of thing?  And it’s the first workshop essay of the semester.  What is left to tell?

I’ve had kind of a mixed day already.  I didn’t work out–I couldn’t make myself go out in the cold and do it; I slept  in and just was lazy.   SO I don’t feel good about that.  But I can try to salvage the rest of the day.   Pray that I do what I am supposed to do and that I can handle myself properly.



Tying Up Loose Ends

Today I’m going to be working on the house, doing my Delta Magazine story, finishing my laundry and  going to the grocery store.  That’s a full day right there.  I hope to get it all accomplished.

I made sure I took my meds and I am very, very sleepy.  But I should be fine-I won’t have much down time with what all I have planned.  I am in a good mood and that is what counts.  So I can be happy today.

I’m working on another bit for my nonfiction workshop class about I remember about being young.  I don’t remember an awful lot but there are a few things I am trying to talk about.  WE will see how it goes.  It’s not due until like March or so.  So I have plenty of time to work it out.

I guess I’ll get started.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!  Thanks for reading!



Hmmm. . .

I’m not sure I took my medicine this morning.  I remember putting in my contacts but don’t really remember taking the meds.  I’m not going to take them again  because I don’t want to hurt myself, but I just can’t remember.    I will tomorrow and will remember better so I am not doing this to myself.

I’m going to clean out my closet tomorrow, too.  I’m going to get my youngest to look at all the dresses I still have and tell me which ones she wants to save until she grows into them–I only have up to size sixteen since that is when the others stopped outgrowing things and really wearing things out before they got rid of them.  Then I will get it all together to send to the Baptist seminary down in New Orleans for those families to look through and see what all they want. I’ll send my own clothes as well and see what they can use out of what I can’t wear anymore.

I also need to write my article soon–it’s due Wednesday but I have a meeting Tuesday and so want to get it done ahead of time of school stuff and everything else. We will see how it goes.  I’m just not really impressed with this artist and her art and so am not having an easy time getting interested enough to write a good article about her. I know that’s an awful way to look at it, but I’m just not excited.about doing it.




I have a killer headache today and was trying to put off typing until it eased off, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to unless I take something for it.  I’ve been busy today–laundry, working out, going to get my hair cut, going to the grocery store.   I’m ready to take something for the headache and lie down for a little while.  I’m not sure I’ll do that or not–depends on if my classes have been updated or not.

Ever since I’ve been working out, I’ve felt a lot better from the bipolar.  Yesterday I got the idea that I need some more work to do to keep from getting bored, but I’m at a loss for what I can do.  I don’t want to sign up for something full-time and go back into illness.  Something part time would be ideal, particularly if I can do It from home.

I need to write my story for Delta Magazine and will likely do it tomorrow.  I meant to do more with the “Bama fan” story, but I think I’m just going to write it as a straight profile and send it to a sports-themed call for submissions I read about.  So those are two things I can work on.  I also put out an idea to Defying Shadows and will see what she thinks of it.  If I can find more ways and things to write about, I’ll probably take care of the boredom problem on my own 🙂

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!


Feeling Better

I have happy Sandra Boynton music on the stereo and friends over so I am feeling much more cheerful thus far.  I’m still a little sad but trying to move on.  What I do not want to do is slip down over all of this.  Even though I seem to have lost a friendship, It’s not worth that

Had a funny thing happen to me reading my classwork yesterday.  I read the first essay for the three that were assigned and got to the second and third and realized I had already read them both in another book series I buy.  It was a little startling–I didn’t realize I was THST well-read :).  So I wound up writing about the one that I had not read before so as to challenge myself.  We will see what comments come across as people respond.

I’ve gotten more reading done since I quit Facebooking.  I’m about to finish a book I’ve been reading since the middle of last year and have several more that I plan to get to now that I will have more time.

I plan to take Friday to do some serious cleaning up in the kitchen and laundry room and maybe prepare my youngest for cleaning out her room instead of cleaning it up.  We will see.

I’ve finished my piece for nonfiction workshop that I will turn in the first week of February,  A little over 1000 words so it’s a good piece to start out with.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!




I’m out and out crying for the first time in years.  I just found out I lost a good friend a long time ago.  Today on facebook she lit into me about how I feel politically, said I was scary to her and that I needed to stay away from her.  I’ve always been able to reason my way out of these situations before but there was no reasoning with her.

We became friends through our writing–we both freelanced at the same place and became I thought good friends.  She gave me so much encouragement when I was working on my first novel–she believed in the story before I really did.

I don’t know what happened so long ago but I obviously offended her in some way that I was unaware of.  I always hoped if we could reconnect we could be friends again.  SO I tried and got publicly humiliated.  She’s unfriended and blocked me.   That’s never happened to me before.  I hope it does not become a common thing in this age of hatred and fear.


Inauguration Day

So far a peaceful inauguration here in the United States of America.  Hard to believe it’s finally here.  We will see how things go.  I like the tone taken by all the faith leaders–that God is in control and that we should seek his will for our country.  That was refreshing.

I turned in my Carrie Fisher piece for Defying Shadows. I’m going to need to work on it more for my class to make it longer.  But it works for what Nichole wanted so far, so I sent it in.

Everyone seems to be getting a slow start in my class–we’re still waiting on some introductions and on a lot of reading responses.  But hopefully everyone will get with the program soon. Otherwise it’s going to be a long semester.

I’m trying to stay awake with varying degrees of success.  I may not be as recovered from the  upper respiratory infection as I would like to be. But I think everything will  go well.  I have a phone call to make at 3 p.m. for Delta Magazine, so I need to remember that.  Then I can write that article.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



I’m doing better today. I coughed a little bit last night but not much. I’m able to get stuff done and not in the bed all day.  I’m not chilled anymore so that is nice as well. I think I’m going to be all right.

Busy day since I didn’t do anything yesterday.  Laundry and phone calls and whatnot. But it’s going to go well, I think. I’m going to write my Carrie Fisher story today and  send it to Defying Shadows.

I saw where University Press of MS is hiring.  But it’s just too early for me to try to work.  Rachel isn’t old enough yet.  Hopefully later they’ll hire for something else.

Feeling good mentally today so that is the best I can do. Just need to get this cold/URI gone and I’ll be right as rain.


Still Ill

Had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.  I didn’t go work out because I don’t want to ache anymore than I already do.  I am seriously thinking about going back to bed and staying there as long as I can. I didn’t cough any last night because I took some serious cough syrup. So that is good.

Waiting on my class to start up.  We have a reading assignment first thing so we will see what that is.  Hopefully it’s not too complicated since I still don’t feel well.




I just feel physically ill today.  My cough has come back, I ache, and I’m chilled inside the house.  SO I’ve set up a doctor’s appointment and will see if I am really sick  or what.  I took my temp and it was fine so I’m not sure about that.

I started the day off okay–I thought maybe the ache was from my work out, but it hasn’t gone away like it normally does.  SO I put on a big fluffy robe to help with being chilled and have a nest fixed up on the couch to sleep in.

I’ve been sleeping on and off since then so not much to tell.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow since classes start then. Don’t know of anything else exciting going on.