New Year So Far

Well, we’ve spent a long day together today.  Bob was home so we went out to brunch then to the new J. K Rowling movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”.  It took a long time to get interesting and  wasn’t nearly as good as the Harry Potter movies.

Then we went grocery shopping and then picked up a new piece of furniture for our house–a bookshelf small enough to be an end table for my husband’s easy chair.  He had had a TV tray set up there to hold his drinks,  paperwork, and whatnot and I got rid of that, so we bought a bookshelf to replace it.  We already have enough books to fill it from the random piles we had stacked around the house.

I am so very tired.  We didn’t sleep well last night  because of storms and woke up early this morning.  SO that has been a little frustrating.  But we will see what goes on tomorrow.  Hopefully it won’t be a s stormy tonight.

I’ve felt pretty good today and have found a new online friend,  a girl in my program who has come out as a rapid-cycler bipolar disorder survivor.  WE talked a long time on facebook last night and she’s been reading on my blog since then.  We talked about the program and all that kind of thing.

Hopefully everyone can have as good a start to their new year as I have.  Thanks for reading!




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