Running Errands

So today has been a day of running errands. My oldest had to go to SSA to apply for a replacement SS card, and the middle one went to get her oil changed and got there late so she has a long wait. I had mercy on her and went and picked her up so she could wait at home.  We’re going to eat out with Bob since the two younger ones go back to school  Monday.

I got up early for once but went back to sleep later.  When I woke up on time I was hoping I had had enough sleep but I guess not.  I finally got motivated to do laundry after going out and getting a coke so I guess I need to start keeping them in the house.  I hope to stick to one per day.

We’re going to the grocery store later and get food for the weekend.  I guess we’ll go after lunch. My parents want to come visit tomorrow but the weather people are predicting snow so they’re not sure what to do. I hope it doesn’t snow; we don’t need it complicating everything.

Got my Neil Gaiman book this afternoon and my copy of the cast recording of “Hamilton”.  I’m so looking forward to digging in to both of them.  I also ordered my Carrie Fisher books wo I can use them in my post about her coming up for the Defying Shadows blog post I have scheduled.  I used up all of my gift card so that is taken care of–I had to charge a few dollars on my credit card to pay for both of them, but that’s okay.

Please pray that I don’t slip back down into depression. I’d hate to lose out on all the gains I’ve made.



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