My mom and dad came down today to visit–the weather is horrid .  We’re having accumulations of ice, snow, and sleet here and they just left heading back upstate.  I hope they don’t run into anything worse than what we’re expected to have.  We had a decent visit–  Mom brought Christmas presents that she had forgotten to wrap and so that was nice–I got two Mississippi State themed serving dishes and will enjoy using those.

So now we are just going to kill some time waiting to thaw out tomorrow.  My girls are crocheting and knitting stuff and reading–I’m thinking about doing some reading myself. My Neil Gaiman book is fulfilling all my expectations so far so I am looking forward to digging into that.

I’ve been up and about most of today.  Im in a decent mood and so was able to relate to my mom and dad while they were here. My oldest decided we both needed massages before starting school so we have those scheduled for next Thursday. I think that will go well.

I have decided that I’m going to start back at the gym and do bicycling on the machines for a while every day on weekdays.  My knees are getting worse and the bicycling is what helped me on the physical therapy machines,  I need to lose at least 65 pounds and would do well to lose around a hundred. Don’t know how long its going to take but I’m going to try until at least school gets out and see where I can get to.


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