Workout Day One

So I went and worked out this morning. All I did was ride a bike machine, but I rode for a mile and a half and I think that’s a good start from not exercising at all for so long.  I hope to do this every school morning and see if I can start losing the weight. I went to a 24-hour gym and glad not many people were there.

Had an icy weekend with ice still on the roads. It never went above freezing as far as temperature although the sun did dry a lot of places up since it shone all weekend.   But today is supposed to be fifty degrees and tomorrow  is supposed to be seventy!  Schizophrenic weather here.

Got a note from Delta Magazine–they want me to do a piece for the March/April issue.  So I am waiting on a call from them and will see what kind of deadline it has, etc.  I hope I can do this.

I feel really good today. Hopefully it is the exercise and everything else.  I don’t have a lot to do today so hopefully I can stay out from sleeping.



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