So today has been a bit of a busy day.  I went and worked out my fifteen minutes then went to the church to do the food pantry for the month.  That went really smoothly today but I had to leave early to go to an appointment with my oldest.  Then we ate lunch at Amerigo’s in Flowood and enjoyed some pasta.  Then went to the grocery store to shot for the weekend and all that.

My oldest leaves this weekend to go back to school.  She says she is looking forward to it just like I am looking forward to my school starting.  She is fully into her culinary curriculum now so things will be easier and harder at the same time–she’ll likely enjoy herself more in these classes but they will be very performance-based and stressful.

I got my other interview subject to email me back so I am excited about that.  I’m going to try to get it in to Creative Nonfiction and see if they will be interested.  If not I’ll try selling it locally. I shouldn’t have too much trouble.

I’ve felt really well today but I am ready to just be home for a little while and sit and read.   I’m going to finish my Neil Gaiman book soon and start on Carrie Fisher’s.  I’m looking forward to that.




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