Day Off

The kids have the day off of school and so they are out with their grandparents watching “Sing”.  I am here working–I called my interview for Delta Magazine this morning and just set up a time to interview someone for my story for Creative Nonfiction.  I have laundry going and meat out for tonight’s dinner, so I am kind of feeling on top of the game this morning.

I finished The Princess Diarist this weekend, Carrie Fisher’s other book.  I get the feeling the information I am looking for is in Shockaholic, her second memoir, which I can’t find a copy of.  But I will do the best I can with what I have for the post for Defying Shadows.

I’ve decided to stop living in fear of bipolar disorder.  I’m going to start living my life to the fullest and see if I can’t accomplish something with it.  I’m tired of waking up being scared that Ihis is the day that I’ll lose my remission.  I mean to start living like a normal person as best as I can,  I plan to document that kind of life on the blog as well..  But I can’t keep aiming a gun around corners looking for bipolar disorder to pounce.  That’s no kind of life, either.

SO pray for me as I attempt to do this.  Thanks for listening.






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