Feeling Better

I have happy Sandra Boynton music on the stereo and friends over so I am feeling much more cheerful thus far.  I’m still a little sad but trying to move on.  What I do not want to do is slip down over all of this.  Even though I seem to have lost a friendship, It’s not worth that

Had a funny thing happen to me reading my classwork yesterday.  I read the first essay for the three that were assigned and got to the second and third and realized I had already read them both in another book series I buy.  It was a little startling–I didn’t realize I was THST well-read :).  So I wound up writing about the one that I had not read before so as to challenge myself.  We will see what comments come across as people respond.

I’ve gotten more reading done since I quit Facebooking.  I’m about to finish a book I’ve been reading since the middle of last year and have several more that I plan to get to now that I will have more time.

I plan to take Friday to do some serious cleaning up in the kitchen and laundry room and maybe prepare my youngest for cleaning out her room instead of cleaning it up.  We will see.

I’ve finished my piece for nonfiction workshop that I will turn in the first week of February,  A little over 1000 words so it’s a good piece to start out with.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!




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