Nonfiction Workshop

Today I hate nonfiction workshop.  Because it means everything I read written by students is true.  I suppose someone could make something up, but why?  Why when we are bound by something that goes beyond and is more than confidence?  I thought I had stories to tell. This is all too shocking for me–I don’t know how to respond.  But I have to, with 500 words of commentary.   Why, oh why am I subjecting myself to this kind of thing?  And it’s the first workshop essay of the semester.  What is left to tell?

I’ve had kind of a mixed day already.  I didn’t work out–I couldn’t make myself go out in the cold and do it; I slept  in and just was lazy.   SO I don’t feel good about that.  But I can try to salvage the rest of the day.   Pray that I do what I am supposed to do and that I can handle myself properly.



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