Bob is out of town with my middle daughter on a college visit and I am lonesome for him.  I slept with all the lights on last night like I usually do when he’s gone.  But he’ll be home tonight and that will be good. I just hope everything goes well at the college and she can make her decision soon.

I haven’t done much of anything today. I need to work more on my next essay for class that I started yesterday.  It’s talking about how I would up a freelance writer.  I need about 500 more words to meet the minimum word count for this one.  I think I know how I’m going to finish it, but I’m not positive about how to do it.

I’m in a pretty good mood today. I kind of want to get out of the house and do something but I’m not sure what. I tried to find someone to go to lunch with but all my phone calls were unanswered.   So I am staying in for lunch at least.

I found out last night that the new girl in the program that reached out to me about bipolar disorder has already pulled out of the classes.  I asked her what happened, and she just said she didn’t think grad school was what she needed to do right now.  I hope she is all right.


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