Mom’s Surgery

THis morning my mom had cataract surgery in Madison, up on the other side of Jackson. I drove up and met them at the outpatient clinic they were having it done at and stayed with her until they took her back then waited for her out front with my daddy.  We talked when he felt like it and didn’t when he didn’t–talked to some of the other patients as well so we kept occupied,. I had mean to take a book for me and a magazine for him but didn’t pick them up on my way out, so that was a loss on may part.

I have a piece up for workshop this week for my class–it’s the shorter assignment because I ran out of stuff to say on the topic.  Of course, the other girl wrote on and on and on and makes me look bad.  But we are supposed to do a 800-1200 word essay as well as two longer ones so I don’t feel too bad about it.  WE will see.

Have my reading to do this afternoon since I didn’t get it in the morning.  But it will be fine.  I can get it all done. I did the right thing by going to see Mom because I otherwise would have just sat around the house and worried about her.  SO that’s okay, too.


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