So I read an exchange in the local newspaper between elected officials disagreeing about how the state should administer mental health care in Mississippi.  They were arguing about how many caseworkers there are and how much money is spent per capita, just a bunch of numbers games.  So I called the editorial department and offered to write an op-ed about my experience getting caught in the machinery of healthcare when my coverage for ABilify was cut off in 2014.  Just to remind these elected officials that there are PEOPLE we are talking about, not just numbers in a spreadsheet.

So the opinion editor said I could have 750 words (20 column inches) to tell my story.  I wrote it last night and cut and cut and cut until it was the regulation length.   I hope it can at least start a conversation about what to do for people like me. I sent it in this morning with a bio and some headshots to go with it.  SO we will see what happens.

Slow day today–I have laundry to do and church tonight.  My workshop piece seems to be going over fairly well in class so far, so we will see what the rest of the class has to say about it when they get around to chiming in.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.


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