Steady Working

Went to the food panty today and worked my shift for the month.  We sent out a lot of food.  It never looks like enough when we start out, but  God always multiplies it so there is enough to go around.  They said last week was rough because they are renewing paper work for everyone that gets services and that it was difficult for some people to document their need.

It’s so frustrating for everyone involved when we have to adhere to paperwork and all.  But out church is in a network of churches that documents who gets aid from what churches throughout the county to cut down on fraud and double-dipping.  So we answer to several partners for how we run the program.

It’s National Pizza Day so Bob and I are going out to celebrate by eating pizza for lunch   :).  I’m looking forward to it; we always have fun when we go out.

I had such weird dreams last night.  They were so strong that I wondered if I wasn’t having hallucinations.    I kept thinking to myself, “only respond to outside stimuli,” because I couldn’t tell the difference.  I’ve never had hallucinations before so I don’t know what they are like.   But they were weird dreams.

Hope everybody has a good weekend. We have a birthday party for my youngest scheduled so I need to really work on that soon, wrapping presents and baking a cake.  SO we will see how that goes this weekend.



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