Sick Day Two

Bob is still ill.  If he still can’t eat solid food tomorrow, I need to insist that he go to the doctor.  Hopefully he will listen.  But he is resting up pretty good, watching movies and playing on the computer. He’s in  a good mood, so that is something.

Trying to work on my stuff for class and having a hard time of it. I’m trying to transition to  writing with a new voice and it is difficult.  Trying to undo the restraints of objectivity and detachment.   Hopefully I can accomplish it.

I think I am a little scared to open up really because I don’t want the sensations of my down times to swallow me up.  Kind of like trying to go back and work on my old fiction–I don’t want  thoughts of the salesman to swallow me up again so I avoid doing it. So we will see how this will go.




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