Well, I had a sobering experience last night at church.  I realized that the further I get into remission, the less I tend to rely on God and try to live in my own power.  That’s a notion I need to give up forever.  I KNOW I can’t trust myself, especially since I have bipolar disorder.   My animal mind is diseased by bipolar and unreliable.  I MUST remember to rely on God and his word and direction.  Or I will wind up back in the hospital again.  Or worse, back in sin and pain all over again.

I turned in my workshop piece for next week.  It’s what I hope to send to Creative Nonfiction for their call for submissions about starting over.  SO I’ll get it workshopped, rewrite it for my final paper, and get more feedback from my professor before I send it in.  Hopefully it will all work well together and I will get into the journal finally.

We’re supposed to be getting a new air conditioner installed today–just waiting on the guys to show up for it.  I was hoping they’d be here by now because we hoped to go out to lunch with Bob today since the kids are off.  But we will see what happens.

Hope everyone has a good Monday and a good rest of the week.


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