Still Sick

My middle one is perking up somewhat.  If she keeps getting better, she should go back to school tomorrow.  I hope she can.  She doesn’t need to miss any more school.  She’s on track to graduate with honors and I don’t want that to  be messed up for her.

Otherwise things are rocking along pretty good.  I need more words for my essay I hope to turn in later on in class.  I will keep trying to remember what happened and work on it.  It was SO long ago that I suppose I’m lucky I remember anything about it.

My oldest is going to come home tomorrow and get things for her Spring Break trip to the Grand Canyon.  She needs stuff to pack for out there and her medicine and other items.  She just won’t be able to stay long.    Hopefully she won’t catch what her sister had whlie she’s here.

I’m feeling pretty good–slept in some this morning but that is all that I have noticed about my symptoms.  I’m trying to stay busy and do what all I need to do for the house and everything.



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