Don’t Know What’s Wrong. . .

My middle one is still down with whatever it is she has.  I called the doctor back and he called in a ten-day antibiotics prescription so we will see if she improves with that.  It doesn’t look like I will go to the dance competition after all.  I will be home with her. I hope we can get everything packed.

I took the youngest  for a check up today and she is fine. She is right at five feet tall and 98 pounds.  She got a booster shot  and I took her back to school so she won’t be home with whatever it is her sister has.

I have my psychiatrist’s appointment tomorrow so I will leave my middle one at home while I go to  that.  Hopefully she won’t be as sick as she is today.  She’s just slept all day.  As for me, I think I will have a good report from them–I’m handling everything pretty well and keeping up with obligations.  We will see what he says.




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