Now I’m Sick…

We got my middle child well only for me to start getting sick on Saturday.  Sore throat and ears to start with, then Sunday the stuffy nose and sinus headache started to hit.  So I’m not feeling just wonderful, but I’m not nearly as sick as my middle child was so I think I don’t have what she did.   It’s a rainy day and I’m not sure I want to get out in it in the state that I am, so I think I will just stay home as much as possible.

The youngest one went on to her dance competition and her troupe garnered some big awards and two invitations to go to New York and dance.  They probably won’t do that since they’re so young.  But it was a big honor to be invited.

I get workshopped this week in my class again.  This time I get feedback not only online but in a conference later this week as well. So that will be interesting experience. I hope to rewrite this piece and send it to Creative Nonfiction for publication and maybe since it will have been worked over so hard it will get selected this time.  It’s not due until June, so I have a long time still to work on it.

I went shopping this weekend and bought lots of blue for my trip to Atlanta and for the residency this summer.  Only three outfits for me and one dress for my daughter, but we got discounts so made out pretty well.  I tried on some Kasper suits but the largest size didn’t fit and they didn’t have the same ones on the plus size side.

Well, I hope everyone ahs a good beginning of the week.  We will all try to get well on this end.  Happy  Monday!


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