Slow To Wake Up

I got confused last night and took some cough syrup about an hour before the alarm went off.  So now I have been sleeping it off and maybe have finally finished my nap.  Luckily all I have to do today is go to the grocery store and meet Bob for lunch.

My friend Jo asked me yesterday how was I doing now that it was March.  I said fine, I was looking aforward to the warming weather and wearing spring clothes.  And I am. I’m not dreading anything, not even the dance competitions or the trip for school with my youngest.  I am so happy to not be dreading the future. Such a simple thing to be thankful for, but to me it’s a biggie.

My sister called last night.  We got to talking, and I discovered she had undergone a complete psych workup for some issues she’d been having, and they traced it back to her insomnia and said that it made her prone to depression. SO she is on trazodone to help her sleep.  SO then I asked her all kinds of questions because that sounded bipolar-like, except with me it’s a feature of a manic state.  I made sure she had talked with a psychiatrist instead of a just a counselor and all that.  SO it goes.  I hope she gets relief.



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