Another Pretty Day

I am so glad to be getting this string of gorgeous days.  It makes my spirit feel good to  know the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. It’s supposed to rain this weekend, but I am praying that it won’t be raining in Starkville where we are going to watch baseball games for spring break.

Worked at the food pantry today and that went well.  Everyone came in at a steady stream so we were never overwhelmed and we had a  good supply of food to hand out.  It never looks like it’s going to be enough but God always provides just enough to feed everyone that comes to pick up food. So bless ed to see him do this every time I go.

Had a good time with Marlo yesterday.  We ate at a new place called Local 468 and I had a Kobe beef burger.  It was expensive but SO GOOD.  She came in with a work emergency and spent part of the visit on the phone but once she solved it she was completely present for the rest of the visit.  SO that was nice to do for a while. We talked  shop but it was positive because we are both doing so well in what we do.

Sent off another story yesterday as well–it’s one I already have circulating but I hope someone will pick it up and it might as well be them.  We will see how it goes.  I am so glad to have a lot of work circulating so that something might land with someone.  I’m no longer bothered by rejection because I have so much out there and there is always somewhere else to send it.  SO we will see how it works out.



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