Just finished editing the piece that will appear in Conclave in April.   It was exciting–I read the bios of other contributors and I’m the only student–everyone else has other big credits and books to their name, so I was already feeling good about being in there–then the publisher wrote me and said it was their favorite piece out of the issue!  So that made me feel really good.

We watched some really good baseball on our little spring break trip.  It was fifty degrees, but it wasn’t raining and that made it bearable.  WE won both games and that was really nice.  The sound guys are just as funny as always–there was an on-the-mound conference by the other team and he started playing “Wanna Talk About Me” by Toby Keith.  I laughed and laughed so hard.

No class this week for me so I get a break on writing analysis and critiques.  I’ll be writing here and stay busy with that.  My youngest is going to see mom and dad for a few days so Bob and me will have some alone time.

Hope everyone has a good week!



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