So I got a check from Delta Magazine and went and spent it on music this time.  I bought 12 CD’s with less than $100.  I was proud of the good shopping I did.  SO today I plan to listen to them all straight through.

My youngest got picked up yesterday for her trip to my mom’s.  Hopefully they will have fun.  My oldest went kayaking on her trip to the Grand Canyon, so we know she is having fun.  The middle one is upstairs in her room right now but plans to go watch MSU girls’ basketball with her best friend through the weekend courtesy of Bob’s parents.  SO hopefully she will still have had fun on her spring break.

Got an interesting invitation yesterday.  National ALliance for the Mentally Ill in MS asked me to serve as their representative on a panel discussion a local psychiatric facility is having on spiritual practice and its place in mental health treatment.  I got really excited about the topic once I found it out since that is my whole message.  It’s going to be in late April.

I had planned to write all day today but I’m not sure about that.  I’m not sure what I can work on.  I have the essay that is due at the end of the year and another one that has been forming in my mind for a few months, so I may work on those.  Otherwise I’m not sure what I could work on.

I feel pretty good this morning.  I got up early right after Bob left and took out the garbage since he was running late and have been up ever since. I need to go take my meds If I’m going to stay up.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.



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