Experiment Success

So I cooked a Blue Apron meal last night.  I had my middle one help me out with some of the cutting and slicing, but it really all went well.  We had a pork roast with black beans and roasted red onions.  Took less then an hour to get it all together so that was nice.  ALl the ingredients came premeasured and it really was all very easy.

Today we head out for Mobile to the dance competition. I need to finish packing and pick up a batch of medicine before I do.

I have started having a heavy heart for the next generation.  It started when my pastor was preaching Wednesday night when he talked about how young people today will say they’re not concerned that their boyfriend or girlfriend is a Christian or not.  Then the whole spiel with my friend the other night about the young bipolar girl, and finally I found out on facebook that one of my news colleagues now has a  transgendered child.  She was born a girl but passes now for a boy at sixteen.  I just wish it wasn’t so hard to be young nowadays.

Hope every one has a good weekend;  see you back Monday!


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