Sick Again

Now the youngest is down with something again. I’m taking her to the doctor in case it’s strep throat.   Which she shouldn’t be getting any more since her tonsils and adenoids are out.  But she’s hot to the touch and her stomach feels icky, and that’s how all my kids manifest strep. So we have an appointment in about an hour.

Finished up all the schoolwork last night by writing my final workshop critique,  I have a piece being workshopped next week so we will see how that goes.  WE’re getting so close to the end of the semester.  I need to work on my final essay and get it in shape, but I’m still a little frozen up about approaching it.  I may just wait until the last minute and do it so I can’t over think it.  But we will see.  I’ve got a month still to work on it.

Talked to several people and asked for prayer about the mental health panel I’m going to be on in April.  Talked to my friend Betsy at church last night, my church counselor   Michelle, and my pastor about it.  Asked them to pray that I will be positive and not negative about the topic and say whatever needs to be said.

So everyone have a good weekend!



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