WE have flooding across the county with all the rain we got in the past night.  Some people are reported getting six inches in twelve hours. So the schools are on a delayed start until 10:30 a.m.   to make sure the buses can get through.  We’re supposed to keep tabs on everything through the website to make sure they do have school.

I made it really good through the storm–didn’t flash back to Katrina or anything like that.  I slept through it with my meds so that was good.   I hope Bob can get to work; I don’t know what areas are flooded and what aren’t.

The Mississippi State women’s basketball team came so close to winning out the NCAA Championship only to lose to South Carolina. Bob’s parents were there and I imagine there was a lot of crying going on when they lost the title game. But they did better than everybody expected and had a good run.  All we get around here are consolation prizes for sports, it seems.

I’m going to try to pack today to get ready for my trip to Atlanta with Rachel’s school.  I’m just not looking forward to it and I’m not sure why.  We will see.

Everyone else has gone back to bed and I think I am going to also.    Hope everybody has a great day and week!


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