Today’s going to be busy with me getting ready for the trip.  I need to do Bob’s laundry so that he is taken care of for the week; I told my middle one that she is responsible for her own laundry this week.  I need to finish packing and then go get stamps for graduation invitations so Bob can mail them off after the middle one finishes with them.  I have them addressed and ready to go out.  At least I got grocery shopping done yesterday and my laundry done.  I need to start sorting out fall and spring clothes and will try to finish my laundry today so that is taken care of.  But that is a low priority.

Whew.  I plan to take my computer along so I can keep up with my classes and what people say about my work this week.  That’s going to be a little complicated but not too bad,  I’ll carry a bigger purse and just keep my tablet with me all day but only sign on at night at the hotel.  So we will see what happens.  I am going to take my Xanax in case I need it but I don’t anticipate needing it.

So if it’s going to be a long day I guess I’d better get with it.  See you all tomorrow!


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