My middle one had a car accident yesterday.  She was speeding trying to get home from MSU orientation, and a car pulled out in front of her on Highway 25.  SHe hit her brakes and swerved but hit him anyway and spun out.  She has a lot of bumps and bruises but no concussion and no broken bones.  So we are thankful for that.  She went to the hospital and got checked over is how we know that.  Her daddy went in and stayed with her and they got home and settled in at about 11 p.m.  So none of us have exactly slept well except maybe her with the pain killers they put into her.

I hope she doesn’t take after me in this department.  She has always been very careful up to this point and I hope she takes the lesson not to speed quite so much.  I used my time wisely and typed up all my schoolwork waiting for them to come in.  SO I didn’t just sit here and worry myself.  I am proud of doing that when it would have been easy to break down and get obsessive and hysterical.   So that is a plus.

So we will see what today brings.  Hopefully calmer than  yesterday.  She is staying home from school today and should go back tomorrow unless some kind of complication comes up.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  Pray that she will recover quickly.



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