Wild Day

So I finally got my middle one to the eye doctor after having to cancel multiple appointment for various reasons.  Her eyes have not changed so we went and got her contacts and a new pair of glasses for her to take to college.   We haven’t gotten a decision on whether her car is fixable or not from the insurance company so we don’t know anything there.  But I do need to pick her up early from school and take her to get her allergy shots that she didn’t get yesterday.  Then I have to go to the grocery store and get a few items to get us through the week and weekend.

My oldest is home for the weekend and that is ninice,.  She hasn’t been home for any length of time since Christmas, so that has been kind of hard on her.  But she should stay through SUnday and maybe Monday as well.  We will see how it goes.  She said it depends on how much work she gets done at home over the weekend.

I’m still holding together pretty well and am starting to look forward to my trip for my school soon.  I need to finish my final project soon and have about a thousand words of room left on it.  So we will see what happens with it.

I wish I could sit still for a while and type more but it’s almost time to go pick up the middle one again from school.  She is still sore from the wreck and one of her ears is ringing so she is not completely recovered yet.  Hopefully she will start feeling better soon.



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