Monday Morning

Oh, I feel cruddy.  I’ve developed a little cough and rather than take Nyquil I took a prescription cough syrup last night and now I have a headache and am a little loopy feeling.   I hope it goes away soon; I’ve got too much to do this week.

So I bought the recumbent bike and have ridden it every evening since I did.  I get a pretty good workout in my legs riding it for about 15 minutes per day.  It’s not hard on my knees or my feet so I  call that good for me and my various ailments,  It’s just a nice easy ride here in the neighborhood.   I’m so glad I did this for myself.

Easter Sunday was a lovely day here–nice and warm and not rainy.  We went to early church and then went to lunch with Bob’s parents. So that was a nice time as well.  We spent Saturday day with my parents and enjoyed that.

My middle one get herself a new car–the insurance said the other one was a total loss.  So they got that taken care of and we pick it up today.  I don’t really feel good about doing that–I wish there had been more discussion about being careful on the road.  But maybe she’s at least learned her lesson about going too fast.

I have my seminar this week on Friday–I got get my hair touched up for it Tuesday.  I’m trying to decide if I want to wear an old dress that still fits or go buy a new one for the occasion. I think I will wear the old one–I feel good in it and confident in myself whenever I wear it.

Here’s hoping the headache goes  away.  Hope everyone has a happy spring!


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