We’re having our Easter weather a couple of days late.  Thunderstorms yesterday and this morning,  I haven’t been caught out in it so I’ve been all right.  I am so tired today.  Bob had another bad night with his cough; neither one of us got any sleep.  I’m starting to despair him ever getting better without going to the doctor and doing some kind of serious intervention.  I don’t know what else they can do with allergies but something has to give around here.

I seriously don’t feel like doing anything at all but sleeping. I still have two workshopping essays  to do this week so I haven’t finished my class stuff yet.  My brain is just foggy,  I’m going to get another coke and drink it and see if it helps my concentration any.  I;m hoping I’m not slipping backwards.  I think this is just going to be an off day and if I get a good night’s sleep tonight that I can make it better tomorrow.’

I have the meeting with NAMI this week on Friday.  Hopefully that will go well.   I am looking forward to it.  I just hope it doesn’t become some kind of skirmish between God people and others.  I don’t know how it would get that way, but I can easily see it doing so.  I am just going to have to say “In my experience” a lot.

Been getting rejected lately.  Two pieces on bipolar that I had a lot of hope for were rejected.  They didn’t “fit” what the editors were trying to do.  I wonder what that means, because they were special issues: one about invisible illness and another about people on the “margins”.  So we will see if anyone else is interested.

I suppose I will just keep pressing on.  Hopefully I will wake up and not be so drowsy the rest of the day.



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