I’m back to feeling sleepy all the time.  I almost certainly don’t want to do schoolwork or housework today.  I just want to rest, stay in my housecoat all day and sleep.  I need something to key up my emotional energy, Maybe I just need to ride for a while.  I will have to think about that.  I have been riding in the late afternoon, just before everyone gets off work.  Maybe I can ride twice in a day.  We will see what I end up doing.

I wonder if there’s something in particular knocking me down lately.  I can’t identify anything changing except my middle one having that wreck last week and my whole life kind of getting cancelled because of it.  But that’s just part of the job, I think.  I should be used to it by now.  And I should be glad I have the opportunity to help now because soon she won’t need me around–and that time is coming around pretty quickly,  She leaves July 2 for Mississippi State University.  That’s not  a lot of time to organize things around here like moving her room downstairs and moving my youngest upstairs.  They’ll probably actually start that project around the end of April once the middle one gets out of school.

Here’s to me staying awake the rest of the day.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week,




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