Awards Ceremony

Going today to the statewide banquet for Star Students in Mississippi here in Jackson.  My middle one is sharing the Star Student distinction with her best friend–they both made a 35 on the ACT so they split the award for Brandon High.   They get recognized at this event and get a luncheon.  I, trying to be supportive mom that I am, am going along to  watch and be a proud parent.

Then we go to her allergy doctor appointment.  Hopefully we will get done with the luncheon in time, but I think we will.  THe appointment is at 2 p.m.  So that will be over with.

Went to church last night and heard about the story of Joseph.  Very good sermon.  Talked about how he was set apart by God, and he spent time talking about two misunderstandings Christians often have about God–that he brings good about through evil and that we are foreordained to be saved or not.   Bro, David said that God overcomes evil with good, and that God does not ordain our end–he is simply sovereign over it.  So that was interesting.

WEll, I need to go get ready for the event.  Everyone have a good day!




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