School Awards

So today was the awards ceremony for the school for seniors.  My middle  one got two awards that were a surprise to me–one MS Scholars Award and a BHS Citizenship Award.  Everything else I already knew about–STAR Student from yesterday, etc.  But she really was rewarded for all her hard work over the past few years.

Cleaned up this morning before I went–had Candy and Christy out to help clean up the kitchen and den and kids’ den for the party Sunday.  So we will see how it goes.

We go out to eat tonight with some friends of ours who also have a graduating senior to exchange graduation presents.  SO that will be fun tonight–we’re going to a Mexican place up their way.  We’ll eat late but that’s okay with them so it’s okay with us.

Going to go out and meet Bob for lunch at a pizza joint so that will be fun.   Then I’ll go to the grocery store then come home and do laundry.  I know I say I do laundry every day, and I really do. But I’m going to try to sort mine out completely and see if I can’t make room in my laundry room to actually work in there and clean it up this weekend.  Don’t know if it will work or not, but we will see.

SO it’s been a good day so far and hope it continues that way,  Hope everyone has a good weekend.



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