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I talked to Bob last night about his anxiety over me leaving for the trip this week.  He said intellectually he knew nothing was likely to happen to me while I was gone.  But he admitted he still had anxiety about it. I never could pin him down on exactly what he was afraid of happening, but at least we talked about it instead of just letting it keep simmering.  Anyway.  I finished packing last night and will work on Rachel’s laundry today to get ready for leaving.

I did tell Tillie yesterday that I had started isolating from the family some, spending more time on the computer that usual.  But I keep trying to be a good sport and participate in what they do; it’s just mostly boring to me.  Like going to the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II movie.  I hate movies to start with, and this one was particularly juvenile, even for a comic book movie. ANd no one asked me if I wanted to go.  It was just announced that we were all going.  So I went.  I certainly then wasn’t in the mood to play a board game that afternoon, that would have been spending all day doing things I didn’t want to do.

Anyway.  I got my first flat turndown to work on my 46 Reasons project.  One of my friends from college who has Asperger’s said that he didn’t want his employer to know. I said I could understand that.  But with the people who have already committed, I think that I have a year’s worth of content already so I will let them all submit and pick and chose which ones go in which order.   We will see how it does!


Shipping Out

So many trips.  My middle one just left for a church trip–her first one with the college ministry at our church.  They are going to Gatlinburg, TN until Thursday,  I’ll already be gone for my trip when she gets back. 😦 .  But she should have fun meeting everybody and getting involved in her new Sunday School class.

I ship out Thursday of this week, then my oldest ships out Friday of the next week going to Historic Williamsburg, VA  for two months doing her culinary  internship. So I will miss the middle one coming home and miss the oldest leaving.

On the plus side, the girls have told me they plan to have the room switching accomplished once I get back. I will believe it when I see it, considering how long it took last time.   But that is their plan.

TO that end, we went yesterday and bought the youngest one a comforter and new sheet set for her new bed upstairs.  Part of the tradition of getting to move up upstairs.  She picked out a really bright happy flowery patterns then some diamond-patterned sheets that will coordinate. She wants to keep the Mississippi State sheets that the middle one bought when she moved up, so that was a saving there.

So much change happening.  But it’s all good change. My oldest was funny yesterday.  She said, “Does it seem weird that this time next year I’m going to be moving out?” I said, “You don’t believe it yet, do you?” She said, “No, I really don’t.”  But it’s coming sure as shooting.

More and More

I’m getting more and more people to write for the upcoming site, 46ReasonsWhyNot.  I talked with Melanie Pickett, who is well-known in blogging, and Steven Goldman, who is well-known in New York sports circles.  I know Melanie and her work through, and Steven is my former college roommate’s husband.

So I am mining as many connections as I can to get people involved for the programming aspect of it.  I told Steve if he could think of anyone to help promote it to put a bug in their ear, but I don’t know what he will do.

Now I just need their actual contributions to start rolling in.  I’ve told most people mid-June to turn theirs in which is a comforting few weeks away.  But with mine and Rob’s list ready, we have enough material already for two and a half full months.

So we will see how it goes.  Hopefully everyone will have a good weekend.  I’m looking forward to the next one when I will be back in school for he residency.  I’ll keep up the blog while I’m there, so you won’t miss me or the launch of!


Semi-Normal Thursday

Went back to my psychiatrist to make  sure the new medicine combo is working.  It has seemed to make a difference in the anxiety and obsessions and so we are going to keep it the way it is.  I see Tillie next Monday and get my hair done TUesday and I’ll be ready for the residency 🙂

Got a note back from the editor at the local paper–I’ll be hearing something by the beginning of next week.  Hopefully we can get it all taken care of before I leave and they can have the story come out in time for the launch for the new site.  I’ll do it May 31 so everyone can see it June 1.

Need to tell Bob all about this.  I think I’ll do it tonight after everyone goes to bed.  SO we will see what he thinks about it.  It’s not revealing too much than what I’ve already revealed on the this blog so I don’t see it being a problem. ANd I have enough volunteers to keep it running for a while.

Had a very encouraging comment on my Defying Shadows post today.  I had written about obsession and what that was like, and a girl wrote a comment that she suffered from the same thing and that she was glad that she was not alone.  That really made me feel good about what I am doing.

Hope everyone has a good end of the week.




I had a bad night last night,  I had all kinds of negative thinking going on and couldn’t settle down to sleep, then I started hacking with a reflux cough.  Went through  three cough drops before I could get it under control.  That was before  4 a.m. So I couldn’t really take a cough medicine and expect to function this morning.  So I just suffered.

I did have an interesting conversation with someone about my new site yesterday. The local paper ran an article about “13 Reasons Why” the TV show that got me thinking about this.  I called up the author, who turned out to be the audience engagement director for the paper.  He thought doing an article on the website was a good idea to run in counterpoint to his article, but he would have to sell it in the newsroom.  SO we may get some publicity after all for the site.  We will see.



So we went to graduation.  My middle one was number six in her class of 350+ so that was a great achievement.  The valedictorian ended his speech with “Let’s get graduated and get the hell out of here!” So stupid.  But the speeches were short and my child’s name was called early so the grandparents were able to leave early and get a jump on going home with the long drive.

It was the first time I heard all of her achievements called out at one time, so I was really proud.   She got four separate scholarships to go to Mississippi State University, so she is covered as far as that is concerned.  I am so thankful.  But I worry about my youngest one with her reading problems. I think I will be helping her a lot with papers and whatnot as she gets older.

THe middle one just came in this morning from the school-sponsored graduation event, Project Graduation.  They went to a fancy restaurant to eat then went to a party ranch out in the country south of here.  She hasn’t told us how it went–she went straight to bed after being out all night.  But I hope she has had fun.

Everyone else is still sleeping, so I just might go back down, too.  Probably not.  But maybe,  I can’t decide.  Here’s to everyone having a good day.


First Contributor

Well, my friend  Rob Moore just sent me his installment of forty reasons to stay alive, and it was typical Rob.  Dark with some points of light.  But I should be able to use it regardless.  I’m really looking forward to this.

As you can see, I went ahead and redesigned my website–my old theme has been retired by WordPress and I decided it was time for a change.  I also redid my other site, Rollersaking Over Forty ( in an orange version of this theme, and the new site, 46 Reasons Why, will be blue.  So I am really excited for the new looks and some of the new features I can incorporate if I so desire.

Today is also graduation for my  middle child–I’ll write more about it tomorrow since we wont be done until late tonight.  She has practice this morning at ten so we’ll know more about what is going on.

Got to go clean up the house as my parents will be coming over this afternoon.  That’s no fun but has to be done.

Hope everyone has a good week!