Senior Sunday

We had senior recognition on Sunday at church.  It went really well–the pastor prayed over the kids in church  and then we had a dinner after church where the pastor prayed over every child individually and that was sweet.  I just love how much care our church tries to take over our kids.

We had another fun experience yesterday–we all took a personality test that had kid versions, teen versions, and adult versions.  We found out that AMber and I are very alike, that Bob as people see him is pretty much as he is, that I’m able to moderate my tendencies to interact with people in certain ways, and that Rachel is very much more people-oriented than any of us.  She likes doing things right and helping out in order to make every one happy rather than for the pleasure of doing the task itself.  AMber and I are very task oriented, but Bob has more people skills than we do, and Rachel even more than him.  So that was interesting.

Done with school for this semester–still have the long residency coming up and hopefully will be able to go to that without any trouble.  I feel a lot better than I did last week so that is a plus.  I suppose it was just everything together that made everything so hard for me.







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