Movie Marathon

So yesterday my middle one had two friends over to watch ALL the Star Wars movies in consecutive order.  They had a good time–we fed them lunch and supper and they left about nine with one movie unwatched because one girl had a midnight curfew and it would have been cutting it close.  I’m always so gratified that my kids’ friends feel good about coming over to my house.  I hope the tradition can continue with my youngest.

I FINALLY after mentioning doing it on here several times got my fall and spring clothes organized and hung up ready for the new season.    I feel so good about finally doing that.  I sorted some out–not many and not  because they didn’t fit, but because the style around here has changed and people aren’t wearing those clothes any more.  I rarely am a slave to trends but I did have several palazzo pants and I’m giving them away in favor of more tailored stuff.

I also went out and bought three new outfits for the residency.,  I think I finally have enough nice spring stuff to carry that will look good.   My older clothes are really starting to wear out–my old capri pants and tops are starting to look only good enough to wear around the house.  And I’m saving the shorts for vacations where no one knows me :).  So now I finally have a nice casual but classy spring and summer wardrobe thanks to Belk’s Department Store.

I’m trying to decide how to spend today,  I need to go to the grocery store and will likely do that soon this morning.  I need to do my husband’s laundry to get back on track, then will do my youngest one’s tomorrow.  I’m trying to decide when to cut my middle one off of laundry service.  Probably after graduation.

Can you tell I feel so much better than last week?  I have another few days to chill out before we hit the dance recital and graduation.  I am going to make the most of them that I can to be calm and not freak out during the stressful times.  Not sure what all that looks like, but I think it will involve reading and writing–happy things for me.


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