So we went to graduation.  My middle one was number six in her class of 350+ so that was a great achievement.  The valedictorian ended his speech with “Let’s get graduated and get the hell out of here!” So stupid.  But the speeches were short and my child’s name was called early so the grandparents were able to leave early and get a jump on going home with the long drive.

It was the first time I heard all of her achievements called out at one time, so I was really proud.   She got four separate scholarships to go to Mississippi State University, so she is covered as far as that is concerned.  I am so thankful.  But I worry about my youngest one with her reading problems. I think I will be helping her a lot with papers and whatnot as she gets older.

THe middle one just came in this morning from the school-sponsored graduation event, Project Graduation.  They went to a fancy restaurant to eat then went to a party ranch out in the country south of here.  She hasn’t told us how it went–she went straight to bed after being out all night.  But I hope she has had fun.

Everyone else is still sleeping, so I just might go back down, too.  Probably not.  But maybe,  I can’t decide.  Here’s to everyone having a good day.


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