I had a bad night last night,  I had all kinds of negative thinking going on and couldn’t settle down to sleep, then I started hacking with a reflux cough.  Went through  three cough drops before I could get it under control.  That was before  4 a.m. So I couldn’t really take a cough medicine and expect to function this morning.  So I just suffered.

I did have an interesting conversation with someone about my new site yesterday. The local paper ran an article about “13 Reasons Why” the TV show that got me thinking about this.  I called up the author, who turned out to be the audience engagement director for the paper.  He thought doing an article on the website was a good idea to run in counterpoint to his article, but he would have to sell it in the newsroom.  SO we may get some publicity after all for the site.  We will see.


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