I talked to Bob last night about his anxiety over me leaving for the trip this week.  He said intellectually he knew nothing was likely to happen to me while I was gone.  But he admitted he still had anxiety about it. I never could pin him down on exactly what he was afraid of happening, but at least we talked about it instead of just letting it keep simmering.  Anyway.  I finished packing last night and will work on Rachel’s laundry today to get ready for leaving.

I did tell Tillie yesterday that I had started isolating from the family some, spending more time on the computer that usual.  But I keep trying to be a good sport and participate in what they do; it’s just mostly boring to me.  Like going to the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II movie.  I hate movies to start with, and this one was particularly juvenile, even for a comic book movie. ANd no one asked me if I wanted to go.  It was just announced that we were all going.  So I went.  I certainly then wasn’t in the mood to play a board game that afternoon, that would have been spending all day doing things I didn’t want to do.

Anyway.  I got my first flat turndown to work on my 46 Reasons project.  One of my friends from college who has Asperger’s said that he didn’t want his employer to know. I said I could understand that.  But with the people who have already committed, I think that I have a year’s worth of content already so I will let them all submit and pick and chose which ones go in which order.   We will see how it does!



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